Just remember

They say things happen for a reason, but what is the reason for feeling like this? What do we do to deserve this? Will this pain end? Or do we just become numb? Everyone says to get over it or move on; like they know how we feel… just remember they don’t know how you feel. No one probably does. They want to see you happy even though it doesn’t seem like it. They do love you. Just remember there are people who DO understand and there are people who love you. You are not alone. Keep your HOPE. Above all else HOLD ON, PAIN ENDS. There is always a day after, a week after, a month, a year… do not rush your healing. I will end this with a verse from the Bible: ACTS 18:9 One night Jesus said to Paul “ do not be afraid, keep on speaking so not be silenced. STAND UP & REACH OUT.