Down and depressed

Lost my husband 4 years ago. He had a massive heart attack. Very sudden. I thought I was doing well, but in the last 6 months or so I am so sad and lonely for him. I have no interest in meeting anyone else. I am 72 and we were married 46 years when he died. I miss him so much. I am staying busy, but finding it is harder and harder to even make my self participate in my groups and clubs. I have good friends but they all have lives, with someone else. I have children but we all know their lives are busy with making a living and raising their kids. There is no where I fit in. Everyone is kind to me but doesn’t mean much when you are alone. Church has been a blessing, but I have the same relationships there. Everyone is kind to me, but when church is over, so is the friendships. I guess I am feeling sorry for myself, but it is very real to me……..