Depression Archive

Just remember

They say things happen for a reason, but what is the reason for feeling like this? What do we do to deserve this? Will this pain end? Or do we just become numb? Everyone says to get over it or move on; like they ...Read More

No reason why

I hate waking up to new day and going to bed unable to sleep because I can’t stop thinking about what went wrong? I have been depressed for over a decade and the feelings Just get worse the older I get. There is no ...Read More


It feels like instead of supporting me through my depression, those that are close to me guilt me into getting over it. It would be nice to feel like the world isn’t trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be depressed just because it’s ...Read More

Severing all ties

Been struggling with mental health for more than half of my life already without taking a serious step to getting help. I used to have very close ties to friends and family, but I’ve been slowly cutting people out and trying to vanish from ...Read More

my truth

What are you? useless, why? Because I have no purpose? is that true? I don’t feel anything Niro hates me my friends no I’m not worth their time I have no friends in Malaysia I’m a slave to my aunt and uncle I’m a ...Read More

This Is Me

This is me, Struggling with depression, Anxiety, Compulsive self-harm, and an eating disorder. I have been bullied by friends for 10 years, raped by a cousin for 4, made fun of by peers, and isolated by everyone. I’m fighting my battle with grades, Where ...Read More

Unloved Part 2

Same thing.My circumstances did not change.I did what I could.And now I have developed some chest pains.I feel some stinging sensations in my heart.I have not told my wife yet because she’ll just be annoyed.God, I really want to die right now. ...Read More

A failure

I’m 35 this year. Divorced for 2 years now, no kids. Went back home to see my parents for a quick holiday. I finally got the “serious talk” they’ve been meaning to have with me. They called me a failure, although sugar-coated and all ...Read More

Not strong enough

I work with high school kids. I do love my school and usually my students but some days make it hard to remember the good. Today I let a student make me feel more then worthless I allowed (am allowing) her to make me ...Read More