I hate everything about myself. I cry too often because I can’t take all the pain of this world. Literally everything that happens around me affects me negatively. And I’m stupid. Recently wrote my finals and almost every night I wrote a suicide note just in case I’d try to overdose myself. And I just managed to survive and get done with my exams. But knowing that I didn’t even really focus on them, I’m not going to university which means I’ll have a crap life either way. Thus I’ll still end up trying to commit suicide. On the other hand, I’m physically and emotionally ugly. My friends don’t even want to lend me an ear because I’m always feeling horrible about myself. I’m always alone. (Almost) Everyone I know has found love already and I’m stuck here all by myself -a worthless virgin. Like I have no strengths at all. I’m just a pile of dirt. I hate myself. And hate all those unrequited crushes who lead me to a state of limerence. I’ll probably end my crap life sooner than everyone expects. Probably the worst gay life ever lived.