Mirror Mirror

Its been 2 years since I first realized that the battle I am fighting is bigger than me. 2 years since I surrendered and admitted that I need help. It is hard to fight when the villain is hiding deep inside your psyche that ...Read More

Don’t Even Know Anymore

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve always had depression and anxiety problems but they haven’t been like this since I was a teen. I often feel like I’m not actually supposed to exist. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even tell ...Read More


Hey so I just wanted to post something maybe hoping I’m not alone, so I’m on my anti depressants and their working which is great i guess but I’m sorta missing the darkness I dealt which depression mo ...Read More


Why? What’s the point? If it wouldn’t effect my kids I’d do it. To be at peace. Finally free. The memories of my childhood. Waking up every single night, multiple times, totally locked. Every muscle in my body contracted. Spending an hour or more ...Read More


I hate everything about myself. I cry too often because I can’t take all the pain of this world. Literally everything that happens around me affects me negatively. And I’m stupid. Recently wrote my finals and almost every night I wrote a suicide note ...Read More

Down and depressed

Lost my husband 4 years ago. He had a massive heart attack. Very sudden. I thought I was doing well, but in the last 6 months or so I am so sad and lonely for him. I have no interest in meeting anyone else. ...Read More

Losing to my other self

im losing it (my sanity) at a faster and steeper pace more recently, or so it seems. I feel like i may have a matter of weeks, maybe days before i go to full breakdown mode I have no healthy outlet in order to ...Read More

I shouldn’t feel this way

I shouldn’t be depressed, there isn’t anything I should be depressed about. Yet, I’m always tired, I’m emotionless most of the day, and my eating habits get worse everyday. I thought I was done feeling this way years ago. I thought it was just ...Read More


Hi. I am 3rd year student from Mechanical Engineering. My 1st and 2nd year were awesome. No bad grades issue at all. Then I stopped 1 year, because my family was just so messed up. Now, I returned to college, as 3rd year, I ...Read More